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The goal of the Video Games Classification Wiki (Henceforth "VGCW") is to allow people to find games that they like. Games are described in a number of ways:

  1. Genre
  2. Singleplayer Capabilities
  3. Multiplayer Capabilities
  4. Platform
  5. Languages
  6. Mod Support (individual mods may be put into the Mods Index page, with a download link available [and on-site hosting for small (>1 MB) mods while supplies last, and larger off-site hosting])
  7. VGCW Content Rating
  8. Description
  9. Gamer Commentary
  10. Plot

This wiki intends to serve as a guide to anyone who wants to buy games they can play by themselves, with friends, or that their children can play. It also is a meeting place for gamers.

Games Index

If there are multiple games with the same name, use a year to designate which is which.

Cortex Command
MechAssault 2

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